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PUBLICATIONS AND PRODUCTIONS in the Free-Flowing Rivers Lab (Symbols indicate graduate* undergraduate^ authors)

Zhao, M., Li, C., Perry, D. M., Zhang, Y., He, Y., & Li, P. (2022). Connectivity Index-Based Identification of Priority Area of River Protected Areas in Sichuan Province, Southwest China. Land, 11(4), 490.

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Guetz, K*., Joyal, T., Dickson, B., Perry, D. (2021) Dam Removal Prioritization in the West: An Optimization Approach for River Restoration and Conservation. Restoration Ecology.  (2022 ESA Early Career Publication Award)

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Perry, D. and Major, J.* (In Press) Ribbons of Life: The Importance of Free-Flowing Rivers to Wildlife Conservation in the Southwest U.S. White Paper for American Rivers.

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Perry, D.M., Burnham, S^*, Wieser, C., Schäfer, T. (Revising for resubmission). Regional dialogues in free-flowing river conservation and restoration initiatives: Three European Rivers Summit in review. Journal of Ecohydraulics.

Fernandes, S.*, Harrison, I., Perry, D. (In Prep). “Conflict, Connectivity, and Confluences: Limitations and Possibilities for Amazon Riverine Ecosystem Protection.” Frontiers in Ecology.

Perry, D., Abell, R., Harrison, I., Benitez, S., Koning, A., Peng, L., (In Prep) Action 3–Protecting and restoring critical habitat for the benefit of freshwater biodiversity to bend the curve of global freshwater biodiversity loss. Invited paper for journal Environmental Reviews Special Issue: A Road Map for Implementing an Emergency Recovery Plan for Freshwater Biodiversity.

Brogan, C.^*, Harrison, I., Perry, D. (In Prep). “Off the hook: Subsistence inland fisheries and their vulnerability to climate change.” TBD.

Smith, S*., Grimm, K., Perry, D. (In Prep). The Role of Federal Policy and Conservation Perceptions in New Mexico’s Gila River Watershed. Environmental Management.

Perry, D. (In Prep). “A Regional Comparison of Conservation Policy Perceptions: Assessing Wild & Scenic Rivers from East to West.” To be submitted to The Professional Geographer.

Perry, D. (In Prep). “A Political Ecology of Federal River Conservation: 50 years and counting of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act.” To be submitted to the Environment and Planning E.

Perry, D. and Peng, Li. (In prep). “Dragons, Dams, and Dinosaurs: The Evolution of China’s River Principles & Policies.” To be submitted to Geoforum.

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